Turbo Wind Ventilators, Wind Ventilator, Roof Ventilator, Air Ventilators, Roof Extractor, Mumbai, India  

Turbo Wind Ventilators, Wind Ventilator, Roof Ventilator, Air Ventilator, Roof Extractor


We are pleased to introduce our self as manufacturer and supplier of
“HORNE” international brand Roof (Wind / Turbo) Ventilators and sometimes called as Air / Aluminium Ventilators. We manufacture Rotating head ROTO in different sizes and models to meet the actual user’s requirement. We also install ROTO on the roof either in Aluminium, FRP or polycarbonate fabrication.

How it Benefits the users

HORNE” Wind Ventilators provide amazing power saving. “HORNE” Wind Ventilators provides fresh air round the clock. “HORNE” Wind Ventilators is quite effective and hence has attractive payback period. “HORNE” Wind Ventilators throughout the year at zero operation cost. “HORNE” Wind Ventilators is totally maintenance free.



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Turbo Wind Ventilators, Aluminium Roof Ventilator, Air Ventilator, Roof Extractor

Principle & Applicability

“HORNE” Wind Ventilators is self contained. It works on the principle of thermodynamics or in simple language works on thermal currents of heat, which are abundantly available in any kind of shed. Hence, it does not require electricity or any other form of energy at cost.


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M/s Sunit Enterprises, Unit No. 218, National Storage Building, Senapati Bapat Marg, Mahim, Mumbai - 400 016.
022 2446 0555
+ 91 9869204152 / +91 9869049007

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